Tuesday, June 21, 2005

SURVIVOR: Charley Marshall - Age 8

Posted By Gary Marshall
(21/06/2005 19:40:00)

Originally posted at http://www.tsunamistories.net and reposted by Rick Von Feldt on www.phukettsunami.blogspot.com.

Charley's father writes: This was written by my son Charlie aged 8 after the Tsunami.We were staying in Bankok a few days afterwards when he decided to put pen to paper.I have copied it exactly how he wrote it at the time (please excuse the grammer!!)

``One day Jack and Charlie were watching TV and just that second Jack heard a big noise so Charlie looked out of the window and saw lots and lots of water rushing toward us.Quickly Jack and Charlie ran out of the room and are Dad was there a he told me and jack to go to the top floor.This all hapend on phi phi island and are hotel at the cabanna.

When me and Jack where at the top floor we did`ent know if my mum and my sister wher all right.the hole time i was on the top floor I was naked until some people gave me some shorts and some shoes and i was very thankfull.Then we had a walk to the next building because that was hiyer and thats where mum and gracie were.on the way me and Jack Both herd a noise coming from a bathroom in a smashed up room.are Dad told me a jack to go to next bulding so my dad was risking his life for a Japnese wormon stuck in a toilet my dad sor that the dor was jamend so mm dad kicked the door my dad could not do it by him self so shouted in a loud voce HELP!

one brave man came and helped back.Both of them manged to kick the door in and carry the Japnice wommen back and they saved her life. There were big cuts all over her and a big chunk out of her neck that was realy bad and her son that was ther was not that better.

The waves came a thu more times and then we heard that the Big Wave was coming so we had to clim over glass a wood to get to the nerest moutain i gav my sister my shoues and i was barfoot.We climed to the top and didnt go down till it was dark and then we herd that no more wter coming.

When i went down there one man closed to me who hada broken leg and his tow choped in half and the man farest a way from me had realy hurt his back.the one that hurt hisback was carryed first a the one thatwas left i sat wive and gave him some bread and water.We all left the mountain and went back to the smashed up hotel.my dad had his pasports a 1000£ in a box my dad tried to break the box but you needed the key that floted away and everybody money and parsports where in the box to.

We also herd that a boat wasgoing to come to the pier so we went to the new peir a that had floted out to sea so we went to the new peair but the boat did not come so we all went to a place on a roof and we tride to go to sleep.moscitos cept on biteing us so we went.As soon as i got to sleep we herd a noise and it was a rescu but we had to a longboat to get to it.

me mum Jack got on the boat but are dad didntget on ith us.the rescue boat had about 200 peopel on and no mor could get on.We made the trip and we stade in a rest place.we stade there for one night and we met a family there and they took us to a hotel wich they paid for us and gave us moneyuntill are dad come and we went to a hotel in Bankok an we are staying there for 5 nights.One of my dads best friend called lorence gave my dad 30000 bath and we are getting some more money soon``

Charlie Marshall aged 8


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Bless iimmm Dat Soo Cute :)
Propper Leggeennd You Are.
What Exceelleennttt, gramma you have for being 8 even thou ur now 10.
Hope u ad a safe flight home from dubai
You prob no hus writing dis cus of legend bein initt But Yerr

Love Charlotte & James Eez Eyya Too .. xxx

At 3:40 AM, Anonymous harry said...

charlie u ledge

u were only 8 u ledge

u did not lose ur football skills u ledge

charlie u hero and a ledge


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