Saturday, June 18, 2005


It has been about 6 months since the Tsunami hit. Has much of the world moved on? Does it seem like an old news story to most?

I supposed everyone moves on. But it is sad that, on the ground, the devistation and memory continues for many.

We will be certain to see coverage of the TSUNAMI in December - as we get close to the one year anniversary.

Several groups have approached me asking for volunteers to continue to tell their stories - or to tell the story with a new angle. Are you one of them?


I promised to help a North American television company with this post:

The kind of survivor stories we are looking for is - a wide cross section of Americans, Canadians, Swedes and the local Sri Lankan and Thais. The plan is to get an idea of just what a global disaster the tsunami was.

Also,one of the biggest challenges we are facing is locating before and after video footage and photographs. The footage/pictures that already exists has been aired so many times that we feel the public has developed a kind of indifferent 'seen that before' kind of attitude.

So, two things - survivors with interesting and moving stories that have footage that can be used to reinforce their experiences visually and other footage of that time that has not been over exposed.

The idea of a blurb on your website is great. The blurb could say the following:

"Public broadcaster is working on a documentary on the survivors of the tsunami. Please let us share your stories. We are also looking for before and after footage of the areas devastated by the tsunami on an urgent basis. Thanks."

And so - if you have yet to tell your story - or have a different view that you think should be heard - let me know. We can post it online here - and also forward your ideas on the television station.


At 8:00 PM, Blogger Gautam Ghosh said...

Hi Rick

Stumbled on to this blog ! It's an awesome work that you are doing for tsunami survivors.



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