Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Most of the interesting things you will want to read are over on the right hand side of this web blog - the horrifying stories of what happened on - and the days following - of December 26th.

Still - the thoughts come and go in my mind - mostly as things I want to forget. Occassionally, I run in to a person who says, "Oh yeah - I heard you were in the Tsunami." I look at them sometimes - puzzled - feeling as if surely they can't mean me. But then I remember it was there - and I am amazed at how the mind just somehow wants to forget.

At a dinner party this weekend - I ran in to an artist friend. The day after the tsunami - he painted a dramatic piece he called "Tsunami." He told me I must come look at it. I was excited - hoping to be able to buy a piece of his that could be a memory of what I experienced. But when I saw it - it was too real.

Over the last weeks - we have been talking about it. And the topic came up again this weekend - when I found out he renamed it.

If you are interested to see a picture of this piece of art - to read his side of the story - and my reponse to him - go and visit his blog at:

SIGHT ORACLE - A blog by an up and coming artist in Singapore

Be sure to add your thoughts in to the comments section of his blog!


At 10:33 PM, Blogger jiddles said...

Hey Rick,

The correct permanent link to Tsunami posting is http://sightoracle.blogspot.com/2005/05/tsunami.html

As you might have gathered the name Tsunami and accompanying artist's comments are going to stick. I will not dare change it again. ;-)

The painting is presently on exhibit at the house of a prominent personality here in Singapore. I am thinking about putting it in for a painting competition. What do you think?



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