Thursday, December 30, 2004

FIRST HAND STORY: Scott Raderstorf and their "round the world" trip / interuption!

SCOTT RADERSTORF thought their "round the world trip" from Boulder, Colorado would be adventurous - but they never imagined. Even before we get to the part of their harrowing experiences in Thailand - you have to first start with this extraordinary trip. Oh how I wish my parents would have done this. Back in October - Scott write in his blog:

The whole family is going and our education will be to learn about the world; different cultures, food, music, games, religions, our common love for our children and more. We have been pondering this trip for a long time and the time has come to make it a reality. We have met many families who have traveled anywhere from 5 to 15 months, all with a different story and suggestions of how to do the trip and all so grateful for the journey and the special time with their family. What a blessing to have advice from so many people who've journeyed before us.

Earlier in the year - Joellen - the mom - commented when she was in Japan "so far - no earthquake." Little did she know that she - and her family would be experincing the mother of all earthquakes - but in such an unexpecting place!

You should visit their website - just to read about what their last three months were all about. Or how about 11-year-old max's birthday yesterday? But the site you should read is about how they "outran" the tsunami. Here is an excerpt:

I ran out of the open air hut to the beach. I could see a couple people being sucked out into the open ocean as the tide drew back. This was just the small one. I recalled a lesson my brother Ross had taught me years ago while I tried surfing (in vain) for the first time, waves usually come in 3's - The 3rd is always the biggest. I looked down the beach to our cabin about 200 yards down, but the boys were nowhere insight!! I started running as fast as I could yelling their names. I got close enough to see the soggy remains of their sand castle that they were building, but no boys. I was scanning the white water that was being sucked out to sea

Worth a read at this blogsite: RADERSTORF FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE