Thursday, December 30, 2004

FIRST HAND ACCOUNT: Ernest Rodriguez

Ernest Rodgriguez gives his account of what happened in Phuket. Actually - this is the first time I am running in to someone on the internet that we I can remember crossing paths with. I was sitting near Ernest - as he was helping to comfort other people. He is diabetic - and needs insulin - and I remember several times him asking for it.

In my stories - you will see references about the "refugee camp." Here is an excerpt from Ernest about that place. He was one of the "receivers..."

Baan Yee Dee Resort was crowded. It seemed almost everyone from the beach area made their way to this resort up on the hill. The resort staff were giving out water as people arrived and showing them the way to a breakfast buffet they had set up. There was no charge for any of this and we appreciated it VERY much as Pong and Joy had not eaten since the day before. Joy claimed not to be hungry, I told him that we could not tell when the next time we would eat would be and he should eat while he could. He ate a few spoons of potatoes and had some fruit. Some Thai people arrived with rice and home cooked Thai food and were giving it away out of the back of their truck, again... no charge. It was very nice to see people being generous in a time of crisis. Thai people can be very gentle and giving, they are very kind and polite... At least most of the ones I've known and met.

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