Thursday, December 30, 2004


Many people snorkel and dive in Phuket and in Thailand. So - the odds of people getting caught before, during and after planned adventures on that December 26 morning are inevitable!

Saki - a young Japanese lady who is based out of Hong Kong, was in Phuket - and launched early that morning to go out to sea. While she was out - the swells hit - and destruction happened all around her. She tells her story - and the days following of being in the "refuge" camps...

Then, a man in shorts approached us for a cigarette. "Thank you. I needed that," he said. "I was at the beach this morning and my wife was sleeping in the hotel. I saw the waves coming towards us, grabbed my son, and ran. I had to hold up my son above the water in the lobby to keep him from drowning. My wife was pulled out of the rubbles. I was told that half the hotel was dead - 200 people. Dead. I'm just glad to have a cigarette."

In her December 30 entry - she shares a poem that summarizes what many of the "witnesses" felt to the event...

When I am with others, I smile.
I am okay. Don't worry about me.
When I am alone, I cry uncontrollably.
I don't know why. I am okay.

I can feel the sadness, the anger, the hurt.
Not mine. But theirs. Of the rest of the world.
I am sad, angry, and hurt - because they feel.
The lost souls, worried families, parted lovers

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