Thursday, December 30, 2004

WHAT NEXT? How do we look forward?

What next?

As many of us wander around these days - these days "in between" - not really past the event - somewhere in between Christmas and New Years - not really in a mood to move on yet, we are asking the question, "what next?" Who is thinking about how to make really big changes?

I came across a great website that is looking at our entire planet - and asking, "WHAT NEXT." It is worth reading and reviewing:

"We continue to count the human loss - the faces of the dead, disconnected from reality by the cloud of statistics to assure manageability. There's a certain irony in this; we know so little about these depths and the effects of a tsunami on them. Like a submarine, we 'ping' for information; like a fishing village, we analyze the flotsam. Yet even as we watch the beach, we need to keep our eyes on the horizon – the future."

Bloggers at, some of them living in the affected nations, began chattering immediately after the waves hit and began discussions of ways to help. South Asian bloggers created tsunamihelp to direct people to aid organizations. "I haven't seen this level of people saying, 'You know what? We can do something here. We can connect the pieces,' " said Alex Steffen, who lives in Seattle and edits "It's mind-blowing, and it's inspiring."

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