Wednesday, May 18, 2005


NBC has already detected an oncoming case of viewer compassion fatigue. "If we do story after story that is nothing more than misery, there is a danger of viewers just shutting down because they can't comprehend the enormity of it all."

So - I have to wonder - is there such thing as PARTICIPANT COMPASSION FATIGUE - the syndrome when individuals who witnessed the Tsunami - was involved in the Tsunami - feel as if they have to run away - and not think about it?

Posted by Rick Von Feldt
Posted by Rick Vonfeldt


At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Chris said...

Yes, actually, I think there is a bit of that. After the Kobe earthquake, I felt the need about 2 months later to simply get out of town for half a day and not think of anything quake-related. A bit of recharging is necessary, even if you can only allow yourself a bit. It helps you focus on rebuilding once you come back, just as a 15-minute break helps you during the day.


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