Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2nd ANNIVERSARY - Another year to remember and reflect

Tuesday, December 26

Good morning everyone. It is Tuesday morning, exactly 2 years later after the "wall of water" changed millions of lives here in Southeast Asia. I am Singapore as I write this, having just returned from Thailand. The day is not as sunny as it was two years ago. Rains fall, flooding much of Indonesia and Southern Malaysia. For them, this year will be remembered as the year of the floods. It seems that boxing day is not a very good day at all for citizens of southeast asia.

This morning, I got up early and headed to the local "teleport" site of CNN to appear for about 5 minutes in an anniversary discussion of the tsunami. It is odd to speak of this, but I continue to do so as part of "my contribution" to keep the memory alive - and to insure that it doesn't become an emotionless picture in a coffee table book. Millions of lives were affected this day two years ago - and today, hearts and souls mourn the loss of the loved ones. Or silently say prayers, as I do, for the realization that we are alive.

If you are in Singapore, there will also be a special edition of a Channel News Asia show called blogtv.sg. It features tech information on blogging and other related activities. I am a guest on the show, and we discuss some of the emotional aftermath of what happened. From around the world, you can watch it live on the internet at the same time at BLOGTV.SG

I continue to look for other survivor stories as a way to document, tell and keep a memory of what has happened. Each week, thousands of readers and students come to the site to read what happened - first hand. If you are a survivor - send me your story!

After seeing the story on CNN this morning, Mark Brandon wrote to me: Hello Rick, Was just on line when you came on CNN. Thought I would send in my story.
Where I stayed ( Patong Beach Bungalow ) our place was totally gutted, just two little cottages left ( I was on top of one ) standing. I saw on CNN a pic of the PBB as they showed a speedboat and I recognise PBB from the bright orange brick tiles.
Did you know that from waves 3- 6 there was someone in that boat, being battered about but luckily was not thrown out. Anyway, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Mark Brandon

You can read Mark's story below. The boat picture he refered to is one that I took about 18 hours after the tsunami - and is also in the selection of pictures on the website. I belive they showed them on the television show this morning.

Lastly - to fell survivors - I send my love and concern to each of you. In our moments of bitter sweet emotion - both to be thankful for being alive - yet aware of such pain and sorrow from those that did not, I wish you peace on this second anniversary.



At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems fitting to share a short movie I found today. It's about the small, significant efforts made to help the people of Koh Mook, Trang after the tsunami.


At 4:23 PM, Blogger Rick said...

Hey folks. Rick Von Feldt here. In the post above - you will see a YOU TUBE video link. It is a good one - and worth watching to see life AFTER TSUNAMI in Thailand. I recommend it:



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