Thursday, January 05, 2006

TSUNAMI BLOGS featured on BBC including this blog

BBC RADIO FIVE LIVE recently featured a segment devoted to TSUNAMI BLOGS on their UP ALL NIGHT radio show. Rhod Sharp, Kevin Anderson and Chris Vallance blog for Up All Night and on December 28, featured a show to “look back on last year's Tsunami, talking to eyewitnesses, those behind the relief efforts both large and small.”

GO HERE to listen to the show. (posted only for the current week. If you want to hear a recorded version after this date, please let me know).

On the BBC website, you will find the following description of the show:

Reflections on the Tsunami.28 December 2005

On this week's pods and blogs segment we gave the show over to memories of the tsunami. We began by speaking to 3 bloggers who were eyewitnesses to the disaster.

Evelyn Rodriguez who blogs at Crossroads Dispatches, Rick Von Feldt who runs the Tsunami Survivor blog, and Sanjay Senanayake who blogs from Sri Lanka as Morquendi.

There aren't many podcasts from the tsunami region, but the charity UNICEF produces a superb podcast with many shows dedicated to an examination of relief efforts. We talked to Blue Chevigny of UNICEF about why they podcast, interspersed with many great clips from their casts.

Kevin's contribution was an interview with blogger Dina Mehta who was one of the bloggers behind the Tsunami Help blog that was so useful in co-ordinating aid, and first place on the web, outside of the MSM for news on the disaster.

Dina also has a great personal blog here:

Shaela Rahman is with the International Finance Corporation and has recently started work in Banda Aceh. She's new to the blogging business, but her diary is already a good read, an interesting on-the-ground account of the continuing relief efforts. She was joined by her colleague from the World Bank, John Clarke.

Lastly we looked at how smaller relief efforts had fared. Sam Schultz and Lee Downey of proved that you don't have to be a big NGO to provide much needed aid, and quickly. It was a shame we didn't have longer to speak with Lee, but there's more of their story on the website which is well worth a read.


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