Friday, December 23, 2005

One Year Ago Thoughts

And so - another Christmas has come. For many - preparing stockings - trees and presents highlight the days. But for 230,000 families and more around the globe (the number of people who lost their lives), this Christmas is an anniversary of what happened a year ago. Water. Oh so much water. And sadness.

For me - it was a few days to go on holiday for reflection that turned in to an experience I will never forget. But I walked away with only bad dreams. For a million other people - the heartache of loss lives on. And to those families and friends - I wish you peace and friendship during this very tough week ahead!

"What are you going to do on December 26?" so many friends have asked? "What will you do to remember?"

How can you honor a day where so many people died? What gives justice to such an event? Time? Writing? Sittong on a beach and watching water - in defiance of what this might best did to so many? What would really be the right thing to do.

It will be personal to many.

If you experienced the Tsunami - and you are spending a day - a week of reflection - I would like to hear your stories!

For me - I have not been back to a beach for a year. Even though I live on the island of Singapore. I have been pushing myself to return. And yet - I have to decide.

How will you remember? Or forget?


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