Friday, December 26, 2014

TOP STORIES of the Boxing Day Tsunami 10 Year Anniversary

Today, survivors and families and friends of those lost in the Asian Tsunami (Boxing Day Tsunami) commemorated the ten year anniversary of the disaster.

Off and on today, I have been following media for organizations providing great coverage of todays anniversary. Here are some of my favorites:

European lay flowers for ten year anniversary of Boxing Day Tsunami

MORE SURVIVOR STORIES including Rina and Mustafa from Aceh, Indonesia. Mustafa, father of Rina was away when the tsunami hit and thought he had lost her father. But she survived.

BEFORE and AFTER PICTURES including this of Banda Ache.
Before and After picture of Banda Ache

MORE SURVIVOR STORIES including stories from Louis Cryer, Zoe Cryer and Felix Cryer in Sri Lanka. And the story of Tom and Arlette Stuip who were holidaying in Khao Lak, Thailand, along with a photo from Marlene Lohmann. The story of Kay Howells on Phi Phi Lei – all at: 

MOST TOUCHING INDIAN OCEAN tsunami photos from The Indian Express

BOXING DAY TSUNAMI SERVICES mark 10-year anniversary from

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